Friday, March 7, 2014

The Intro of Paradox

I would like to thank every one of my dear clients, family, and friends, who have made my first few weeks at Paradox a reality! None of it would have been possible without YOU!
Now, to answer some wonderful questions I have been receiving from you all;

1) What is the meaning of PARADOX?
Paradox: a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd, but in reality expresses a possible truth. Literally beyond belief.
In starting Paradox Salon Spa, my idea was to create a space that is inviting and comfortable to everyone, where I could provide a personalized experience of quality services to all. I wanted to take out all of distractions and the chaotic environment of a spa so that I can focus all of my energy on giving the best possible services. The idea in itself; taking the "spa" out of the spa, is a Paradox, but I have brought it to reality! The black and white striped design and the logo all compliment the meaning of Paradox, everything fell perfectly into place.

2) Do you have a website? 
I do! It is:
You can also find Paradox on Facebook:
3) What Services are you providing and how do I book with you? 
I am continuing to specialize in lashes, skin therapy, makeup artisrty, brow shaping, and airbrush tanning! To see a complete list of services and to BOOK ONLINE! go here:

4) What do the next few months look like?
Most of you know me to be a bit of a work-a-holic, working 6-7 days a week (I cant help it, I love what I do, and love spending time with you all!). I am now currently Scheduling 4 days a week in the Paradox Studio: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. If you need an appointment on a day that is not listed, I will always try my best to accommodate you.
In my days off, Amanda Strang, a licensed hair stylist is working in Paradox. I am very excited about this, she is amazing! If you are looking for a great hairstylist, I can provide her contact info.
My schedule, with Saturdays being out of the Paradox studio, is giving me a great opportunity for wedding season bookings... exciting!
March 15th-17th I will be out of town, attending Billion Dollar Brows training and certification class, hosted by The Lash and Brow Academy. I am excited to bring you even better brows, with new techniques and tools!!

If you have any comments, suggestions, or just want to connect with me, you have my number! (503.730.0170) You can also email me at:
I thank you all so much for your continued support!
With Love,
Korysa Nation
Licensed Esthetician, Owner
Paradox Salon Spa